New Leadership at Measure of America

Measure of America (MOA) has announced that Kristen Lewis, who has been co-director of the program with Sarah Burd-Sharps since they founded MOA in 2007, will lead the program as director.

Since its founding, Measure of America has consistently produced provocative, data-driven reports on well-being and access to opportunity in the United States, user-friendly online data tools, and in-depth explorations of a range of crucial public issues, such as the spike in the rate of youth disconnection and the broad community benefits of increased investments in education. The breadth of MOA’s work has proven essential to elected officials and agencies at all levels of government, social service organizations, civic advocacy groups, philanthropic organizations, and the public at large, informing policymakers, legislators, and everyday people.

“Sarah Burd-Sharps and Kristen Lewis forged a singularly effective collaboration that has proven immensely beneficial for communities across the United States,” said SSRC president Alondra Nelson. “I applaud Sarah for recognizing the power of the international human development approach for understanding challenges here in the US and thank her for her extraordinary contributions to the program’s success.”