Overview of SSRC Fellowships and Grants

A core component of the Council’s work throughout its modern history has been the development and administration of competitive or institutional peer-reviewed fellowship and grants. Council fellowship and grants programs are strategic – they are targeted to a problem, promote individual and institutional change, generate new knowledge and build networks. They typically distinguish themselves through a commitment to excellence and innovation; the promotion of interdisciplinarity; the linking of social science training on key themes to broader research or field-building agendas; and the creation of ongoing research capacity-building networks via workshops, fellows conferences, summer institutes and other activities that complement research grants and work to develop national and international networks of scholars around topics of critical public concern.

The Council approaches fellowships, grants and associated activities with special emphasis on the growing internationalization of social issues. SSRC fellowship and grants programs engage themes ranging from global issues facing the U.S. and Japan, to security, drugs and democracy in Latin America, to approaches to the study of contentious politics. Our largest fellowship program, the International Dissertation Research Fellowship, supports the next generation of scholars in the humanities and social sciences pursuing research that advances knowledge about non-U.S. cultures and societies. Since 1997, the program has funded some 400 graduate students to conduct research in more than 100 countries on a wide range of subjects

The SSRC retains a core commitment to improving the production, and the conditions for production, of social science knowledge. This knowledge, now, and the capacity for its generation in the future, form the irreducible bases for responsible and effective action to improve the world.