Research Hubs

Research Hubs support a range of thematic program activities at the SSRC, including work on media, health, conflict, and natural disasters. The main feature of the hubs is the Resource Database—a user-editable database designed to map complicated, multi-disciplinary, academic/practitioner fields. The Resource Database is a cross between a wiki and a social networking site and provides research communities ways of understanding and navigating the complex fields in which they work.

Currently, the SSRC supports four Research Hubs:

The Media Research Hub is the largest and most developed of the SSRC Research Hubs, and provides a common representational space for social research on media, information, and communication technologies. It also provides access to a wide range of grants, commentary, and other services.

The China Environment and Health Resource Hub maps resources on this critical intersection of issues for researchers and policymakers.

The Hurricane Katrina Research Hub maps resources related to the disaster and subsequent reconstruction.

The AIDS, Security and Conflict Research Hub supports a global research initiative on the threats posed by HIV/AIDS to peace and security.