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The digital forum African Futures explores protest movements and resistance to authoritarian rule across the African continent, with particular attention to the oft-neglected democratic currents south of the Sahara. This forum is part of the SSRC initiative "Possible Futures," a collaborative effort to deepen our knowledge of current crises and future possibilities, which has analyzed and explored the 2011 Occupy movement and its global impact.

African Futures serves as a forum for thoughtful analysis and exploration of democratic trends, mass mobilization, and protest movements in Africa. At a moment where popular upheaval and resistance to authoritarian rule has exploded across Africa and the Middle East, the legacy of authoritarianism and the social consciousness of populations in the sub-Saharan regions of the continent have been largely absent in the international media. African Futures seeks to bring these trends to the fore with contributions from leading researchers on African politics, history, and social change.

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