The Central Africa Policy Forum is a gathering of NGOs, diplomatic missions, UN agencies and departments, and academics in New York to explore policy options for building sustainable peace in the Great Lakes and neighboring states in Central Africa.

The CAPF provides a space where representatives from these agencies and institutions who are working on issues of peace, security, development, and reconciliation in the region may exchange ideas, highlight concerns, coordinate efforts, and explore possible solutions.

The objective of the CAPF is three-fold: create an atmosphere of dialogue among NY-based agencies, organizations, and missions to strengthen institutional structures and enhance communication and collaboration; provide an informal opportunity for information sharing on current activities and research projects related to the region; and provide an opportunity for strategic planning and coordination of advocacy.

The CAPF assembles high-level panels of speakers drawn from governments, international organizations, civil society, and specialists in the field to provide updates from recent work in the region, share perspectives on a conflict, and lead a discussion of current issues. To ensure full freedom of expression, the rule of non-attribution will be in force. CAPF meetings are by invitation only. The secretariat is housed at the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO).