The Dissertation Writing Retreat brings together 12 to 15 advanced graduate student fellows for five days of independent work on the dissertation project. It makes a support network available to each fellow and creates a structure for accountability to colleagues that directly reflects best practices learned from fellows who successfully completed the dissertation in varying circumstances.

  • Open to fellows in the sixth year of graduate school and beyond who are within 12 months of completing their dissertations
  • Not open to fellows that have already participated in the Preparing for the Professoriate seminar
  • Consists of five days of intensive writing
  • Largely self-directed, but facilitated by a Mellon Ph.D.
  • Focuses on honing time management skills, developing a calendar for writing, and creating a structure for accountability
  • Does not include discipline-based feedback or peer review
  • Participants create an individual 12-month work plan and communicate regularly with each other after the Retreat

The 2019 Dissertation Writing Retreat was held May 29 to June 2 in Chaska, MN.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Dissertation Writing Retreat!