The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in Southeast Asia seek to promote and improve health equity throughout the region, particularly among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Fellows from 10 ASEAN countries and China will work to reform health policy and systems, tackle social determinants, and address health inequities within and beyond national boundaries. Annual cohorts of 20 to 25 fellows will participate in a nonresidential program that includes attendance at events throughout Southeast Asia and an event at Harvard University. The program is intended to identify and nurture a new generation of young leaders from the region who are committed to pursuing social justice in health and building a collaborative community. The fellowship curriculum, which will be taught by core faculty and mentors, will combine peer, experiential, and online-blended learning. Upon completion of the program, fellows will be better able to enhance health equity by improving access to quality primary health care; formulating equity-oriented policies in health care systems; addressing issues involving economics, gender, and the environment; and establishing international alliances.