The Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity seek to dismantle anti-black racism in the United States and South Africa through supporting visionary leaders who can challenge and advance ambitious and comprehensive solutions to racial inequality. The program will support the growth and development of a generation of leaders to advance racial equity through advocacy, research, communications and other interventions that change narratives, structures, systems, policies and practices. Annual cohorts of 25 fellows will participate in an 18-month nonresidential program that includes six week-long sessions in New York, Johannesburg, and other US and South African cities. Through the program, fellows will develop a deeper understanding of the history and conditions contributing to racial inequality. They will become more knowledgeable of cross-sector strategies for change and more skilled in leading transformative change. As a result, they will be better equipped to lead and implement interventions that ameliorate disparities and address the underlying causes of racial inequality.