The UVC will strengthen conflict research in insecure places and the ways that conflict is researched, while building local research capacity in these places through two distinct methods:

  • Investing in building and strengthening inter-disciplinary, local research networks in conflict-affected countries, and developing an approach that engages local researchers in all stages of research, i.e., from research design, data collection, analysis of data, writing up, to publication and dissemination of results. By involving local researchers in all stages of our research agenda, we create shared ownership, increase researchers’ trust in their own capacities, and establish international partnerships that provide mutual benefits while we produce high-quality, evidence-based scholarship.
  • Developing training modules on fieldwork and ethics methods in insecure places. Some of our partners have also pioneered remote research methods in making use of civil society, activities, media, and research networks; while others conduct data-driven analyses on conflicts and peace processes, building on recent advances in geographic information system (GIS) and other digital technology. The UVC aims to collate these experiences and innovations in conflict research methods, develop training modules, and provide methods trainings across its research networks and partners.