The UVC will seek to inform the broader policy community through a network of direct relationships with leading policymakers at the UN, EU, AU, within the government of the United Kingdom, and local civil society actors. Longer research outputs will translated into more digestible policy notes for policy audiences and the UVC will also brief policymakers on findings and conclusions. It will also capitalize on existing platforms convened by Director Carayannis, such as the Central African Policy Forum (CAPF), the DRC Affinity Group, and the Civil Society - UN Prevention Platform to develop stronger partnerships with key global policymakers and civil society actors and contribute to improving the cooperation and coordination among key stakeholders across the system.

The CAPF is a regular gathering of NGOs, diplomatic missions, UN agencies and departments, and academics in New York to explore policy options for building sustainable peace in the Great Lakes and neighboring states in Central Africa, while the DRC Affinity Group is a network of leading Congo scholars tasked to study the failures of two decades of international interventions aimed to end the conflict in DRC, and provide policy advice to EU, US, UN, and AU policymakers. The UN Prevention Platform is a collaborative exchange of best practices and lessons learned on conflict prevention and peace-building architecture, peace operations, and work on women.

At a broader level, the UVC seeks to impact policy locally and use research to empower local partners to seek out change in their communities, and identify the networks that must be engaged to improve their day-to-day experiences.