Climate Change, Political Economy, and Connectivity in the Red Sea Arena

New York University - Abu Dhabi


The Red Sea Arena, spanning East Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the most unequal in the world. This project starts with the urgent question of how, in one ecological region, some of the richest and poorest societies in the world are weathering today’s profound climatic, economic, and political transformations. By creating a network of specialists across the usual boundaries of African Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, across disciplines, and across institutions located throughout the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa, this project enables a deeper investigation of how environmental transformations and political economies unite this region.

Research Team

Principal Investigators

Nathalie Peutz

Associate Professor of Arab Crossroads Studies, NYU Abu Dhabi

Alden Young

Assistant Professor of History, University of California Los Angeles


Ian Hoyt

Student, NYU Abu Dhabi

Yesmine Abida

Student, NYU Abu Dhabi

Anatoli Lemma

Student, NYU Abu Dhabi

Rifal Imam

Student, NYU Abu Dhabi

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