Oceanic Power: Gulf Aid, Islamic Ethics, and Climate Change in Zanzibar's Offshore Search for Oil & Gas

State University of Zanzibar


As oil-rich Gulf States seek to diversify away from non-renewable resources, the East African islands of Zanzibar court their aid to search for offshore fossil fuels in a quest to become the “Dubai of East Africa.” Yet such drilling agreements threaten to further disrupt competing coastal economies and ecologies already vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This project examines the ethical, political, and environmental stakes of this transnational enterprise, including the use of Islamic narratives to justify competing potential futures such as both extractive and sustainable orientations toward coastal resources.

Research Team

Principal Investigators

Issa Haji Ziddy

Associate Professor of Religious Education, State University of Zanzibar

Caitlyn Bolton

PhD Candidate, City University of New York

Mary Mtumwa Khatib

Research Officer, Lecturer, Department of Geography, State University of Zanzibar

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