Proposal to Develop a ‘Southern Collective’ for Transdisciplinary Collaborations on the Northern Indian Ocean



The northern Indian Ocean region, incorporating the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman and Laccadive Seas, can be seen as an understudied marine transcultural borderland. This project aims to build a transdisciplinary ‘Southern Collective’ of natural and social scientists, and non-academic experts to address societal and environmental problems facing coastal communities in this region. Our collective will undertake activities to address two broad climate and livelihood related themes for interdisciplinary research, namely transboundary coastal and marine resources, and forced migration and adaptation. The Southern Collective will co-create digital learning modalities in order to re-center local knowledge around these themes. We will also create a web-based portal to facilitate grassroots public engagement and democratize knowledge generation in and for the region.

Research Team

Principal Investigators

Annu Jalais

Assistant Professor, South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Aarthi Sridhar

Programme Head, Dakshin Foundation

Rapti Siriwardane

Researcher, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Alin Kadfak

Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Ahilan Kadirgamar

Senior Lecturer University of Jaffna + Chairman, Northern Cooperative Development Bank

Sujatha Byravan

Independent Consultant and scientist, Chennai

Avilash Roul

Guest Faculty, IIT Chennai

Mohammed Saiful

Scientist, Bangladesh Agricultural University

Khushi Kabir

Social Justice rights’ campaigner, Nijera Kori

Than Pale

Professor, Anthropology Department, Yangon University

Pradeep Singh

Research Associate, IAAS Potsdam

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