Transformative Social Innovations in the Governance of Small-scale Fisheries in the Indian Ocean Region

Dar es Salaam University College of Education


Small-scale fisheries are vital in achieving quality lives and sustained livelihoods in island and coastal communities. Nevertheless, some fisheries governance systems create conditions that significantly impede small- scale fishers from unlocking and realizing socio- economic potentials of their small- scale fisheries sector. Many small-scale fishers and community organizations in the Indian Ocean region have expressed their dissatisfaction with their fisheries governance systems and have initiated and implemented social innovations to transform them. This project will examine some social innovations initiated and implemented by members of coastal communities to profoundly change unfair and ineffective fisheries governance systems in their areas in order to draw lessons from them on initiating, promoting and sustaining bottom-up transformative social innovations.

Research Team

Principal Investigators

Almas Mazigo

Assistant Professor, Dar es Salaam University College of Education

Johan Hattingh

Professor, Stellenbosch University

Mohammad Islam

Professor, Sylhet Agricultural University


Sariaka Rakotondrazafy

Founder & Volunteer Leader, Impacting Lives through Opportunities (ILO)

Sunil Santha

Associate Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Julius Mngumi

Researcher and Assistant Lecturer, Dar es Salaam University College of Education

Kyoko Kusakabe

Professor, Asian Institute of Technology

Moenieba Isaacs

Professor, University of Western Cape

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