Social Science for Public Knowledge

Public engagement was a strong feature of the social sciences from their birth. Could one imagine Hobbes, Locke, or the Scottish moralists as mere academics? Weber, Durkheim, and the great Chicago School sociologists had university jobs but both public concerns and private audiences. Social scientists today contribute to public understanding of issues from social inequality to the transformations of the family. . . . Read more at Craig Calhoun's Web site.

Table of Contents


The Heart of the Matter

  • Problem choice is fundamental
  • Public social science does not equal applied social science
  • Engagement with public constituencies must move beyond a dissemination model
  • Universities have a public mission

Back to Our Roots

In Conclusion

Social Science for Public Knowledge
Calhoun, Craig Jackson
Social Science Research Council, 2007
Social Science for Public Knowledge, Calhoun, Craig Jackson (Social Science Research Council, 2007).