Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan

Twenty years before being described as the "world's greatest humanitarian crisis," Darfur, Sudan, was also the site of a disastrous famine. Famine that Kills is a seminal account of that famine, and a social history of the region. In a new preface prepared for this revised edition, SSRC Program Director Alex de Waal analyzes the roots of the current conflict in land disputes, social disruption and impoverishment. Now a classic in the field, it provides critical background and lessons of past intervention for a region that finds itself in another moment of humanitarian tragedy. Buy from Amazon.
Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan
de Waal, Alex
Oxford University Press, 2005
de Waal, Alex, Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan (New York: Oxford University Press, 2005).