Albert O. Hirschman Prize, Presented by the Social Science Research Council

Hirschman Award Ceremony » 2008

A Celebration of the Life and Works of Charles TillyOctober 3–5, 2008

Organized by the Social Science Research Council, co-sponsored with Columbia University and the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP)

Albert O. Hirschman Prize Ceremony
Contention, Change, and Explanation: A Conference in Honor of Charles Tilly
Panel 1: Appreciating a Mentor
Columbia University Memorial

Speakers included Alan Brinkley, Nicholas Dirks, Mirjam Kuenkler, Al Stepan, Harrison White, Ron Aminzade, Doug McAdam, Viviana Zelizer, Charlotte Cottier, and Chris Tilly.

Panel 2: States, Social Change, and Historical Social Science
Panel 3: Contentious Politics I
Panel 4: Contentious Politics II
Panel 5: Explanation in Social Science and Everyday Life