To mark its ninetieth anniversary in 2013, the Social Science Research Council established the College and University Fund for the Social Sciences, a consortium of higher education partners providing annual financial support to enhance the infrastructure of social science research, catalyze interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations, and help launch the careers of junior scholars through fellowships, workshops, and mentorship.

“The institutions of the College and University Fund for the Social Sciences are critical partners in our efforts to build a more effective and more responsive funding infrastructure for social and behavioral science. By connecting leaders of top research institutions with representatives from the major public and private research funders, the College and University Fund for the Social Sciences facilitates important conversations about strategic funding priorities for the social and behavioral sciences.”
–Anna Harvey, SSRC President

The College and University Fund offers many opportunities for learning and engagement to member faculty and students.

How We Work


The College and University Fund Conference is an annual event that convenes institutional leaders together with leaders of public and philanthropic funding partners. These conferences offer an opportunity for research institutions to sit down with research funders and share ideas about practices that can more fully mobilize the research community to develop bold solutions to the globe’s most pressing challenges.

Invitation-only seminars and events

Member institutions receive exclusive invitations for their faculty and students to take part in private seminars and public events with prominent scholars involved in the Council’s programs.

Exclusive Funding Opportunities

In 2019, the Council’s Scholarly Borderlands program released a call for proposals for “New Interdisciplinary Working Groups,” open exclusively to faculty PIs from College and University Fund member institutions. In 2020, we were pleased to launch a new annual funding opportunity for doctoral candidates at College and University Fund institutions, the Lindblom Memorial Fellowship.

Programs & Projects

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