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Social and Behavioral Science as R&D

Social and Behavioral Science as R&D

December 1, 2023

Decades of investments in science and technology R&D have led to remarkable innovations, including safe and effective vaccines and efficient clean energy solutions. These innovations hold the promise of healthier, more sustainable, and more prosperous societies. But in order to fully realize that promise, we also need social and behavioral science R&D aimed at identifying interventions, programs, and policies that motivate citizens and decision makers to act in socially beneficial ways.

As the Social Science Research Council’s Centennial year draws to a close, this convening of the member institutions in the College and University Fund for the Social Sciences will celebrate the achievements of 100 years of socially impactful social and behavioral science, and will explore new opportunities for social and behavioral science R&D to find cost-effective and scalable solutions to our most pressing societal challenges, including climate change, persistent inequality, and declining rates of scientific innovation.