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  • Brooklyn is the base from which the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) pursues collaborative research projects with partners all over the world, on topics of pressing global concern. Read more about us.

  • The SSRC publishes quality social science research that informs both academic and public debate. Look at the impact that Measure of America is having on public health campaigns in California.

  • The China-Africa Knowledge Project aims to deepen understanding of China’s new engagement with Africa, connect researchers across disciplines and regions, and situate emergent scholarship within broader scholarly and policy discourses. 

  • Marnie Thomson explores the fields of Makere village, just outside Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania, as part of her SSRC-sponsored fieldwork for the International Dissertation Research Fellowship. 

  • Fellows in the early stages of their graduate career at universities in the United States and South Africa convene at Bryn Mawr College for the Mellon Mays Graduate Initiatives Program Summer Conference.

  • The African Peacebuilding Network promotes independent African peacebuilding knowledge, connecting African researchers, policy analysts, practitioners, and networks with each other and with policymaking communities around the world.

  • As a result of an SSRC-led collaboration between U.S. and Cuban researchers, scholars and the public now have access to Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba papers. Read more about the Hemingway Document Preservation Project.

  • A Vietnamese doctor speaks to SSRC executive director Mary McDonnell about the challenges his health center faces in providing primary health care, the subject of an SSRC-led study. Read more about the Vietnam Program.

  • A Chinese public-health expert (far right) teams up with a British anthropologist to interview members of rural families in Yunnan about environmental health concerns. Read more about the China Environment and Health Initiative.

November 21st 2014
Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project director Leon Sigal writes for the National Interest: "Nuclear Negotiations: Applying North Korea Lessons to Iran" →
November 21st 2014
A panel on “New Media, New Audiences: Making the Study of Religion Online,” a product of work commissioned by the Program on Religion and the Public Sphere, will be hosted at the American Academy of Religion’s annual conference this Saturday, November 22 →
November 19th 2014
Ivory Tower, a new documentary featuring findings from the Education Research Program volume Academically Adrift, will air Thursday, November 20, on CNN →

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