The Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network (SSMN) serves as an alumni network for the over 1,400 graduates of the Sloan Scholar Legacy, UCEM, and SIGP graduate fellowship programs, providing in-person and virtual programming to support scholars’ professional development after graduation. Programming includes a strategic mix of workshops, grants, and networking and mentoring opportunities for scholars. Since 2018, the SSMN has provided more than $725,000 in research seed funding, mentoring grants, and travel awards to scholars, the majority of whom are at early stages in their career and are able to use the funding to secure additional long-term support for their research. Through the SSMN website, newsletter, and social media, the network also highlights scholar achievements and stays connected to graduates in order to track career progression and outcomes.

The Sloan Foundation and the SSRC have developed the SSMN to:

  1. Understand and support the evolving professional needs of Sloan Scholar alumni, as well as their specific needs as Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o/e scholars in STEM
  2. Foster a community of scholars who see themselves as effective mentors within the Sloan Scholar community, in their workplaces, and throughout their fields
  3. Continue to develop a prestigious and public Sloan Scholar brand identity for the benefit of the scholars

Opportunities and Activities

With the generous support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the 2021 Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network Grants competition aims to address some of the unique challenges posed to researchers during this unprecedented time.


Karin Block
City University of New York (CUNY)
Steven Damo
Fisk University
Renetta Garrison Tull
University of California / Davis
Ulises Miguel Ricoy
Northern New Mexico College
Cristina Villalobos
University of Texas / Rio Grande Valley
Darryl Williams
Franklin Institute
Candice Guy-Gaytán
BSCS Science Learning