The Data Fluencies Project seeks to develop an expansive and interdisciplinary approach that combines the interpretative traditions of the arts and humanities with critical work in the social and data sciences to support innovative engagements with (and resistances to) our data-filled world. 

Through research workshops, dissertation grants competitions, and a variety of publications, Data Fluencies works to counter the impacts of discriminatory algorithms and online mis- and disinformation and to foster more just and equitable futures. 

This project brings together partners from multiple institutions, including: the Digital Democracies Institute at Simon Fraser University, Canada; Emerson College, USA; University of Canterbury, New Zealand; University of Kentucky, USA; University of Southern California, USA; and York University, Canada. 

The Data Fluencies project is generously supported by the Mellon Foundation.

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Programs and Projects

Dissertation Competition

The Data Fluencies Dissertation Grants Competition supports projects that apply humanist and social science methods to mis- and disinformation, information integrity, public-interest technology, digital culture, big data governance and accountability, and alternative epistemologies stemming from feminist, indigenous, and Black theoretical perspectives.

Research Development Workshop

As part of the Data Fluencies project, the SSRC will host interdisciplinary workshops for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. These workshops afford scholars the opportunity to give and receive intensive feedback, foster innovation and collaboration, and prepare their work to be accessible to wider audiences.


Publications that emerge from our workshops are aimed at building data fluencies for a broad range of audience. We support scholars seeking to share their research across both academic and public-facing platforms. In particular, we will be happy to facilitate publication on the SSRC’s MediaWell platform, which focuses on online mis- and disinformation, and the Just Tech platform, which focuses on discriminatory algorithms and social justice.

Programs & Projects

Funders and Partners