Digital Culture

Exploring the intersections of technology, knowledge, and culture in a digital age

"Macro Computer Circuit Board #1" [cropped] by Randy Pertiet.

Transformations associated with digitization and digital media have immense implications for how knowledge and culture are produced, circulated, and consumed. A visible example is how various forms of very short to long-form digital publication facilitated by access to user-friendly platforms have increased opportunities for scholars to connect with each other and with varied publics. Such developments have been accompanied by vibrant, sometimes contentious, discussions regarding diverse forms—and differential norms—of knowledge generation, editorial practice, and curation. Similar transformations and discussions are underway in the worlds of communications, journalism, publishing, and libraries, and indeed within an array of arenas that generate knowledge and culture. Through a set of new and emerging projects, the SSRC seeks to grapple with these and related changes.

Photo credit: "Macro Computer Circuit Board #1" [cropped] by Randy Pertiet / CC BY 2.0.
Program Director
Ronald Kassimir