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Two research teams from the SSRC-VASS Vietnam Population Health Study presented their teams’ research findings at the 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Public Health in Bangkok.

Dr. Tran Thi Hong (left) and Tran Quy Long (right) co-presented their team’s paper on “Improving Antenatal Care for Vulnerable Women in Vietnam.” Their research found a large increase in the number of pregnant women receiving antenatal care and taking iron supplements within the 12 communes studied. This improvement was less significant, however, among the most vulnerable women in the study, including ethnic minorities and women with lower incomes or education levels.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Vinh presented his team’s paper on “Using Health Insurance of Rural Patients at Public Health Facilities in Vietnam.” Their research is investigating the functioning of health insurance in Vietnam, including barriers to health insurance use; differences in use by commune, province, socioeconomic group, or gender; factors that are depressing health insurance use and possible ways in which these might be overcome; and the changing role of the commune health center due to changes in health insurance rules and regulations.