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Hoshi Takeo | 星 岳雄
Professor, University of Tokyo

Phillip Lipscy  | フィリップ・リプシー
Associate Professor, University of Toronto | 2014 Abe Fellow
トロント大学政治学部准教授 | 安倍フェロー(2014年度)

The government of Abe Shinzo, in power in Japan from 2012 to 2020, represents an important turning point in Japanese politics and political economy. Abe became the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history, reversing a trend of short-lived leaders. His government not only stands out for its longevity, but also for its policies: Abe implemented a variety of significant changes, among the most important being a series of economic reforms to reinvigorate Japan’s economy under the banner of “Abenomics.” This talk will draw on a recently published book co-edited by Takeo Hoshi and 2014 Abe fellow Phillip Lipscy, The Political Economy of the Abe Government and Abenomics Reforms. The authors also consider the implications of these reforms for the post-Abe era that began with the Suga government in September 2020.


This event is jointly sponsored by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Tokyo Office and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP). この催しは米国社会科学研究評議会(SSRC)東京事務所と国際交流基金日米センター(CGP)が共催しています。


Hoshi Takeo
Professor, University of Tokyo
Phillip Lipscy
Associate Professor, University of Toronto