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The Social Science Research Council was pleased to convene a group of seventeen esteemed scholars who have been working in ways that might be identified as Anticipatory Social Research (ASR). This group will begin the work of defining ASR, identifying potential sites for ASR inside and outside the academy, and ascertaining examples of emerging phenomena that may be opaque to existing methodologies and in need of a more anticipatory approach.



Crystal Abidin

Simone Browne

Courtney Cogburn

Kate Crawford

Jen Croissant

Carl DiSalvo

Gary Downey

Virginia Eubanks*

Marion Fourcade

David Custon

Ava Kofman

Andrew Lakoff

Bill Maurer

Shobita Parthasarathy

Frank Pasquale

Laurel Smith-Doerr

Fred Turner

Matthew Zook


*was not able to attend, but participated in the group