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On February 9th, 2018, the Anxieties of Democracy program’s working group on distribution convened at Yale University. The conference brought our working group members together to explore how changes in the structure of the global economy affect the viability of long settled features of distribution.

The conference was organized by the working group’s co-chairs: Frances Rosenbluth, Damon Wells Professor of Political Science at Yale University, and Margaret Weir, Wilson Professor of International and Public Affairs and Political Science at Brown University. The conference was generously supported by Yale’s MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, and Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies.

Conference participants will discuss extended paper outlines on the following themes:

Macro Transformations:

Alice Kessler-Harris (Columbia University)

Carles Boix (Princeton University)

Sabeel Rahman (Brooklyn Law School)

Jacob Hacker (Yale University)

The New Precariat:

Ben Ansell (Oxford University) and Jane Gingrich (Oxford University)

Kathleen Thelen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Andreas Wiedemann (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Bruno Palier (Paris School of International Affairs)

Elizabeth Ananat (Duke University), Anna Gassman-Pines (Duke University), and Yulya Truskinovsky (Harvard University)

Frances Rosenbluth (Yale University), Ian Shapiro (Yale University), and Christian Salas (Yale University)

Jonathan Rodden (Yale University)

Experiencing Inequality:

Kris-Stella Trump (Social Science Research Council)

Andra Gillespie (Emory University)

The New Politics of Old Divisions:

Andrea Campbell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Kimberly Morgan (George Washington University)

Margaret Weir (Brown University) and Desmond King (Oxford University)

Douglas S. Massey (Princeton University) and Jacob S. Rugh (Brigham Young University)