Recent investments in clean energy R&D have led to remarkable innovations in clean energy technology. These innovations hold the promise of slowing and perhaps even reversing decades of anthropogenic climate change.

But in order to fully realize the promise of clean energy innovation, we also need policy innovation: social and behavioral science R&D aimed at finding interventions, programs, and policies that effectively mobilize decision makers to act in climate-protective ways.

In 2022 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that “changes to lifestyles and behavior have the potential for large reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions.” Social and behavioral science R&D can help us to find the interventions, programs, and policies that lead to these climate-protecting changes in lifestyles and behavior.

Join us for an important conversation with leading social and behavioral scientists and climate thought leaders to discuss:

  • what we know about potentially scalable interventions to increase climate-protective behaviors;
  • the potential return on investment from expanding this knowledge base;
  • how we might better connect social and behavioral scientists with climate policy makers.

The half-day event will take place Friday, June 9, 2023 from 9am to 2pm ET at The Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Headquarters, 420 5th Avenue, New York, NY.


Elizabeth Yee
The Rockefeller Foundation
Andrew Hoffman
University of Michigan
Michael Greenstone
University of Chicago
John A. List
University of Chicago
Erica Myers
University of Calgary
Karen Palmer
Resources for the Future
Casey Wichman
Georgia Institute of Technology