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From November 10–23, 2020, recipients of the 2020 Transregional Planning Grants participated in a series of virtual development workshops. The series was intended to encourage inter-group dialogue around the broad themes of ethical and practical considerations of collaborative research, and research in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the course of three weeks, a total of five 2-hour sessions were held, bringing together participants across 16-hour time differences and thirteen countries.

Each workshop was facilitated by a leading social scientist with expertise in both research in the Indian Ocean region and the workshop series’ broad themes. Collectively, these scholars provided a robust, interdisciplinary array of perspectives, encompassing anthropology, geography, economics, and conflict studies. Anna L. Tsing (UC Santa Cruz) discussed the logistics of collaboration—including the “necessary messes”—drawing on her own experience working on collaborative research projects. Farhana Sultana (Syracuse University) led participants in a rich discussion of the ethical implications and considerations of field research, including collaboration with local stakeholders. Ala’a Shehabi (UCL London) facilitated a conversation around challenges in addressing inequalities within international project teams, especially as it regards data sharing and ownership. David Mwambari (King’s College London) posed important questions regarding approaches to and considerations for research in contexts of crises. Drawing on ideas arising during the presentations, related readings, and individual experiences in the field, participants engaged with both the presenters and their peers in discussions of the ethical considerations within their own research projects and teams.

The workshop series was the first in a series of inter-group activities that the Collaboratory intends to host for its 2020 grantees. Beginning in Spring 2021, grantees will have the opportunity to participate in a closed seminar series and collaborative writing activities.

For more information on the 2020 Transregional Planning grantees, see the Grantees page.

Workshop Presenters

Anna L. Tsing (UC Santa Cruz), The ethical and logistical implications of global collaborative research
Farhana Sultana (Syracuse University), Ethics and praxis of collaboration in environmental research and beyond
Ala’a Shehabi (UCL London), (In)equality and the politics of international research collaboration: practical and ethical considerations
David Mwambari (King’s College London), Research in the context of crisis: possibilities of remote research