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The workshop on the State of Cubans Studies in the United States, which was organized in collaboration with John Jay College of the City University of New York and Cuba’s Revista Temas convened in Barcelona May 21-22, 2018 prior to the start of LASA. The workshop was a resounding success in accomplishing its stated purpose: to bring together scholars who reside in Cuba with those who reside outside the island for an intensive dialogue on the development of the field of Cuban Studies in the United States. A seminar on that same topic was held at Florida International University in 1990, but with participation of only U.S.-based scholars. Since that initial seminar, we have witnessed the multiplication of contacts between scholars on both shores, the expansion in the scope of studies in Cuba of the island’s society and culture, and the greater acceptance in Cuba of the work done by colleagues who do not reside in the island. A reassessment of the field of Cuban Studies in the United States was long overdue