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Executive Director, Writer, US-Japan Dialogue on POWs

Writer who promotes dialogue and understanding between Japanese people and American people on the history of American POWs of the Japanese

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Abe Fellowship 1999
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Freelance Journalist
American NGOs Seek Justice for the Victims of the War Crimes Committed by the Japanese Military: Will the History of World War II in Asia be Remembered as Another Holocaust?

This research tried to examine an ongoing campaign begin pushed forward by NGOs in the United States to seek justice for the victims of the war crimes committed by the Japanese military during World War II. It identifies who these groups are, what their goals are, and what activities they are engaged in to achieve those goals. Coordinated activities between these NGOs and similar organizations in other countries, including Japan, are also examined. This research then tries to assess the prospect of this campaign's success. Which may provide an opportunity for Japan and its former victims to put final closure to the history of World War II in Asia. This assessment will be done by determining whether there are parallels between this campaign and the Jewish Americans’ similar and largely successful campaign on behalf of the Holocaust victims.