Current Institutional Affiliation
Senior Political Affairs Officer, Weapons of Mass Destruction Branch, Office for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations

Award Information

Abe Fellowship 1996
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Visiting Scholar, Academic Division (Peace and Security programme area), United Nations
Epistemic Communities and UN Reform

The main purpose of this research project is to analyze the role of epistemic communities in the UN reform process. To examine their role, the project will focus on three key aspects of the inter-governmental deliberations at the General Assembly-mandated Working Groups: 1) political dynamics; 2) interaction processes; and 3) impacts and effectiveness. Through three case studies (Commission on Global Governance, Ford Foundation and South Centre), a comparative survey of the U.S. and Japanese epistemic communities, and an analysis of U.S. and Japanese government policies, and an evaluation of the work of the inter-governmental Working Groups, the project seeks to clarify the epistemic communities' position in the broader political dynamics, their relationships with member states and the UN Secretariat and their contribution to the reform process.