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Abe Fellowship 1997
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Lecturer, Koret Teaching Fellow, Visiting Scholar, Journalism, University of California / Berkeley
Corporate Ethics: Human Rights Policy in the Global Marketplace

I propose examining the formulation of human rights policies by multinational corporations doing business in developing economies, particularly in political systems in Asia where widespread human rights abuses are alleged to occur. I submit this as a project under the Abe research agenda theme of ''Problems Common to Advanced Industrial Societies," as it will address critical public and corporate policy concerns raised in the integration of post-industrial economies with those in the developing world though trade and investment. How corporations respond to problematic political environments is an increasingly important matter in the borderless world economy. Under rising pressure from citizen advocacy groups and government regulation, multinational corporations face new adaptive challenges in conducting business in such countries as China, Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma). I aim to produce a book-length analysis that refers back to political and corporate policies adopted for the South African apartheid regime, and looks forward to the issue of business ethics in the heightened economic integration of the Pacific Century.