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Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries, University of Minnesota / Twin Cities

Award Information

International Dissertation Research Fellowship 2001
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Discourse and Society, University of Minnesota / Twin Cities
The Molecular Intellectual: Cultural Magazines and Clandestine Life Under Argentina's Last Dictatorship

Amounting to more than a fitful record and critique of life under an unforgiving dictatorship, Argentina’s clandestine literary journalism allows us to reconsider what resistance literature is, what it means to write under duress, and what “history of the present” looks like. Literary writing – journals, magazines, leaflets, and single mimeographed broadsheets – become a historiographic intervention that seeks to produce truth through a language of indirection and subterfuge. This research not only records a history that was written in secret and whose texts have never been studied systematically. It explores how communities of Argentine thinkers sustained themselves while continuing to pursue forbidden cultural questions that are part of a long and celebrated literary tradition. Behind multiple screens of silence and screams, these works of literary journalism are small acts of refusal that dodge complicity while creating a lasting memory of a time in recent history that too many people would like to forget.