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Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

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Abe Fellowship 2001
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Assistant Professor, History, George Washington University
Postwar Japanese Efforts of Reconciliation with China: History and Policy

Post-conflict reconciliation is one of the most pressing global challenges after the Cold War. This project examines the endeavors by the Japanese government as well as non-government groups and individuals since 1945 to overcome the lingering animosities resulting from half a century of conflict with China. By analyzing the actors, motivations, processes, as well as the outcome of these attempts, the project seeks to outline both accomplishments as well as limitations of Japan's postwar record of reconciliation. The project then compares such results with Japan's reconciliation efforts with the Republic of Korea and US~ and with reconciliation efforts in postwar Europe. Finally, by combining historical study with insights from comparative and normative works on reconciliation, the project offers policy recommendations for governments and NGOs in Japan, China and the US, with the goal of bringing about lasting reconciliation as an essential confidence-building measure in the Asia Pacific region.