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Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Boston College

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Physical Education
Urban Regeneration through Olympics and Environmental Policy: Cases on PyeongChang and Tokyo Games

Sport mega(events have been strategically used for urban regeneration. Japan and South Korea will host the Olympic Games— Tokyo2020 Summer and PyeongChang2018 Winter Games. Both nations are currently in the process of regenerating the city space, and as stated in their bidding documents, one of the most pressing issues around the regeneration is ecologically sustainable development of urban areas. This is specifically a sport-led and sport-themed physical and social transformation of space, however, scholarly investigations on urban politics through sport mega-event are vastly underdeveloped, and environmental legacy within the urban regeneration through sport are underestimated. With focus on ecological aspect in urban regeneration through Olympics, the proposed comparative study has two overlapping objectivities: (a) to assess environmental policy within the sport-led urban renewal design in Tokyo and PyeongChang Games at their Olympic bidding phase; and (b) to investigate environmental performance within the sport-led urban renewal program at their Olympic staging phase.