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Gender & Women's Studies
Art of the Mundane: Taishoku's Okinawan Decolonial Space for Freedom and Possibility

My research offers a unique study of Okinawa and Okinawan diaspora as sites for decolonial possibility beyond a binary and fixed notion of"Okinawa/n." I investigate the historical and contemporary formation of an Okinawan space produced by everyday people who envision through radical artistic praxis a future with decolonial possibility and freedom for Okinawans living in Japan in general and Osaka in particular. Radicalism is expressed through Taishoku's working class ethics of the mundane and the art of the avant-garde tradition of experimentalism. Here the "Okinawan space" is radically activated to include a broader Okinawan diasporic space as one continuous movement and formation. I examine the sense of the everyday through walking, talking, listening, and witnessing the intellectual work that emerges through the process of art as a tool of life in order to create an Okinawan space as part of Okinawan diasporic future for freedom and possibility.