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Professor (Retired), Sociology, Tohoku University

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Abe Fellowship 2003
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Professor, Sociology, Tohoku University
Green Energy Politics and Civil Society: Sociological Analysis of Strategies and Effects of Environmental NGOs on Macro, Meso and Micro Level in Japan, the U.S. and the Netherlands

On the basis of my enlarged analytical scheme of social movements, consisted of frame analysis, resource mobilization theory and the theory of political opportunity structure adding perspective of state and civil society, and using qualitative and quantitative both methods, this study attempts to reply: (1) What kind of framing strategy should be used to promote green energy and appeal to society to make environmental NGOs' strategic approaches effective. I analyze the effects of the framing strategy to each national and state government (macro level), electric power companies (meso level), consumers (micro level). (2) What kind of social resources are expected as influential to NGOs to promote green energy. (3) What kind of political opportunity structure is enabled environmental NGOs to be expected impactful. ( 4) The strength and weakness of a civil society and the autonomy, how to impact NGOs strategies, framing strategy, mobilizing strategy, and the political opportunity structure.