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Yoga Instructor, Medical Anthropologist

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International Dissertation Research Fellowship 2002
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Anthropology, University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill
A Cultural Analysis of Assisted Reproduction Practices in Argentina

This project examines the social processes and motivations guiding the acceptance and production of assisted reproduction practices in Argentina. The working hypothesis of this project is that the entire technical process of assisted reproduction – which includes research laboratories, clinical tools and encounters, as well as the bodies of technicians and “patients” – is fundamentally cultural and locally contingent. To address this issue I propose to conduct a 12-month field project in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This project has three primary methodological components: (I) An ethnographic study of the community of reproductive medicine professionals in Buenos Aires; (II) Interviews with people engaged in assisted reproduction practices in the region; (III) Archival research on public media and national legislative materials. I propose that a study of the community of specialists in Buenos Aires, and their practices, will contribute to understandings of how global health technologies become materially localized in particular social, political and economic ways.