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Technical Editor, Genentech

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International Dissertation Research Fellowship 1997
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History, Stanford University
The Emergence of the Serb Question in Yugoslavia: Politics and Ideology, 1937-1941

My dissertation considers the emergence of a newly assertive Serb nationalism on the eve of the Second World War. My research will concentrate on the Serb Cultural Club (SCC). Organized by some of the leading figures of Belgrade's intellectual and professional elites, the sec was the most prominent critic of the 1939 agreement granting Croatian autonomy, as well as the country's strongest anti-Axis voice. A study of the SCC's leaders, membership, and critics provide a lens through which to examine the mobilization, contestation, and reshaping of Serb national ideology at a critical juncture in Yugoslav and European history. I plan to conduct research between December 1997 and September 1998 in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, after completing research in the United States. I anticipate completing the dissertation by September 1999.