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Associate Professor/ Director, International Relations/ Centre for International Studies, University of London / London School of Economics and Political Science

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Abe Fellowship 2004
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Lecturer/ Fellow, Department of Government, Harvard University
The Responsibility of Individuals for International Crimes

This project is concerned with the responsibility of individuals for international crimes. The adjudication of international crimes is intimately related to the challenge of forming states after failure. From Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, domestic and international courts have embarked on the process of holding individuals accountable for their alleged participation in the commission of crimes against international law. At the heart of these proposed solutions to the problem of social order lies the notion of individual criminal responsibility. Notwithstanding its prominent status in international law, the constitutive elements of individual criminal responsibility remain uncertain. A uniform standard of criminal responsibility for individuals has yet to emerge. More than fifty years after "international justice" was meted out at Nuremberg and Tokyo, the elements of individual responsibility for international crimes continue to be determined primarily through adjudication, or the choices justices make. This project explores these choices, and the dynamics of adjudication, thereby contributing to international multidisciplinary research on what is arguably the most pressing humanitarian challenge of the twenty-first century-the pursuit of global justice