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Head University Archivist and Digital Librarian, Southern University

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American Slavery’s Legacy across Space and Time: Small Grants Program 2021
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Head University Archivist and Digital Librarian, Southern University
Connecting GU 272 to SU: Creating a memory project of surviving descendants connected to Southern University

The GU272 and SU Memory Project is a digital archive and database that seeks to identify and document the life stories and history of descendants of the GU 272 who have a connection to Southern University, the only historically black college and university system in the United States. This collection will support the research and teaching of scholars across a broad spectrum of disciplines including history, cultural studies, cultural anthropology, law, and political science. The library will provide free and open access making it possible for interested researchers and students throughout the world to study and use these materials. This interdisciplinary project would immediately enrich the archival holdings of the John B. Cade Library demonstrating the value of recogniz ing, remembering, and representing the past, in ways that reflect the ambitions, challenges, and opportunities of the future.