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Lecturer I, Urban and Regional Planning

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Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2014
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Analysis of the Determinants of Crime Pattern in Makurdi Town

Preliminary spatial analysis of reported crimes in Makurdi suggests that particular types of crime tend to cluster in certain parts of the town. The study sets out to examine whether the clustering is related to the social areas of Makurdi. Social areas are made up of the physical and social environment. It is hypothesized that the social component influences the organization, perception and use of the physical environment. Specifically, the study seeks to determine what kinds of spaces are associated with the occurrence of crime and victimization; to examine the categories of people that are victimized in these spaces and to investigate why crime and victimization occur and cluster in these social spaces. Although efforts have been made in mapping social areas of cities in some countries, rare applications of these constructs in crime analysis exist. The study seeks to promote a planning response that is determined by local conditions.