Current Institutional Affiliation
Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Service, Wagner School of Public Service, New York University (NYU)

Award Information

International Dissertation Research Fellowship 2003
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Innovating Government: Forging a Synergistic Relationship between Migration and Economic Development in Mexico and Morocco

Through the proposed dissertation research, I will analyze the processes by which countries have successfully elaborated effective policies to support the relationship between economic development and the international migration of low-skilled labor. To investigate this issue, I will draw on cases of government innovation from Morocco and Mexico, two countries that stand out both for their level of worker emigration and for the ingenuity of their policy interventions to build a synergistic relationship between migration and economic change. I will examine the process of government innovation in this realm using a case-study method that draws on numerous methodologies, with a heavy emphasis, however, on those that are qualitative.