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Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship 2013
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Department of Public Administration, Ahmadu Bello University
Local Government and Service Delivery: A study of some selected Local Governments in the North Western Nigeria

Infrastructural facilities are among the basic requirements for development. Their availability ensures conducive environment for productive activities and encourage investment and enhances movement of goods and people, and help in diversifying the economy. In Nigeria, local governments are responsible for providing social services (infrastructural facilities) at the grass root level. In recent times, people's dissatisfaction over the performance of Local Government was in the increase, and it forms a source of threat to peace security and developmental activities across Nigeria. Conducting a study of this kind has significance of disclosing the relationship between availability of infrastructure and nation's peace and security as well as the overall development. in addition, the study will serve as a linkage between theories of good governance at one hand, and the role of local government in the actualization of good governance in Nigeria on the other hand. Three local governments will be randomly selected from three states in the North-western zone. Meanwhile, primary and secondary sources of data will be utilized. The results of the study will be analysed using chi-square, Spearman's correlation, and T-test, as tools for analysis to ascertain the validity of the findings.