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Lecturer 1/Dr, Theatre Programme/ College of Liberal Studies

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Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship 2016
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town
The 'Theatre of the Bloody Metaphor': the Aesthetics of Violence in Modern Nigerian Drama and Theatre

Over the past 50 years since the discovery of huge deposits of crude oil in Nigeria, the creeks of the Niger Delta have metamorphosed into a volatile space of tripartite conflicts between armed youths of the region and the Nigerian military forces in collaboration with the multinational oil corporations. The agitation for "resource control" by the Niger Delta youths is not only indicative of the collective struggle for survival of the squalid communities of the Delta, but also of environmental insecurity in the region. Exploring the subjectivities of these bio-political conflicts, the purpose of this study is to examine how the insurgency in the Niger Delta have produced a particular kind of dramatic tradition within the rank of third-generation Nigerian dramatists. Framed around the trope of environmentalism, the study examines texts that privilege new insights into the struggles for resource-control, ruptured creeks and environmental activism in the Delta.