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Lecturer I, Urban and Regional Planning

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African Peacebuilding Network: Individual Research Fellowships 2017
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Urban and Regional Planning
Putting New Wine into Old Wineskins? Peacebuilding Strategies and the Changing Dynamics of Conflicts in Nigeria

The study aims to find out if the current peacebuilding strategies adopted in parts of Benue, Adamawa and Plateau States in resolving conflicts between farmers and herdsmen are appropriate, adequate, effective and sustainable. This evaluation has become necessary in view of the changing nature, magnitude and dimension of conflicts, specifically involving farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria. The study argues that more nuanced and multipronged peacebuilding approaches are needed in the face of the emergent 'new wars' currently being experienced. The study is further anchored on the argument that conflicts are dynamic; and so, the peacebuilding process must be approached in new and creative ways. Thus, the study evaluates the potentials and challenges of current peacebuilding initiatives in conflict resolution in Nigeria. Evaluations such as that proposed by this research are necessary to enhance the quality of peacebuilding interventions and to ensure that peacebuilding approaches are tailored towards addressing the changing dynamics of conflicts in Africa and Nigeria in particular. Therefore, the study seeks to address the central research question: how do the existing peacebuilding strategies address the changing dynamics of conflicts in Nigeria?