Current Institutional Affiliation
PhD Student 5th year, University of the Western Cape

Noosim Naimasiah is a member of local and Pan-African social movements and libraries that use political education, community organizing and self-reliance to organize for freedom politically based on Ujamaa, Ecofeminism and Pan-Africanism. Her academic work currently focuses on the political economy of sand within pastoralist communities.

Award Information

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2019
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
University of the Western Cape
Being Maasai in Neoliberal Times: The Story of Capitalism and Resistance From The Maasai of Mashuuru

The history of capital in Africa is told predominantly from the perspective of peasant communities as delivered from a pre-capitalist pre-colonial past, through colonialism into a neoliberal present. This research seeks to interrogate the history of capital from the perspective of the Maasai. If age-set structure, the identities of Section and Clan, as well as the keeping of cattle speak to the continuation of political organization and modes of production antithetical to capitalist modernity; the crisis of land sales in Mashuuru district of Kajiado County in Southern Kenya typifies the narrative of post-SAP neoliberal Kenya. What this research intends to understand, through a materialist history of the Maasai is how ethnicity, gender and age-sets restructure the normative history of capital and class formation and consequently provide alternative perspectives on resistance. Marxist literature will appear as the principal subject of theoretical engagement and critique. Ethnography is the principal research method pursued.