Seitetz C. Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow, CardiologyColumbia University / Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (Medical School)


Seitetz C. Lee is a 10-year experienced board-certified cardiologist/internist from Tokyo, Japan. After completing his fellowship in Cardiology at University of Tokyo, he earned his PhD from Tokyo University, focusing his research on the prevention of heart disease. He further pursued his interest in studying populations during his MPH at Harvard Chan School of Public Health. After collaborating on a project on non-communicable diseases with Prof. Rifat Atun at Harvard University, Lee returned to clinical cardiovascular research. Currently, he works at Columbia University with Dr. Shunichi Homma and Dr. Marco Di Tullio. His main interest is the prevention of heart failure, as well as quality of care and well-beings for patients with heart failure, and clinical echocardiography.

Award Information

Abe Fellowship 2016

Visiting Scientist, Global Health and PopulationHarvard University

Enforcing the Health System for the Pandemic of Heart Failure in East Asia – A Comparison between Korea and Japan