Jacob Tagarirofa

Lecturer, Sociology and Social AnthropologyUniversity of the Free State


Jacob Tagarirofa is a PhD student at the University of Free State. His research interests are inclined towards peripheral post-conflict communities, tracing how everyday (in)security, space, practices, identities, and livelihoods is and are framed along different stratifying variables such as gender, war credentials, and political affiliation. He is more interested in ethnographic explorations of how these subalterns exercise agency to navigate various constrictions to their livelihoods and how that reconfigures their gendered relations. This has prompted Tagarirofa to explore this dimension from a new theoretical perspective of feminist posthuman security, where he unravels the nature and pattern of security/human relations espoused from the entanglement of humans and objects such as Explosive Remnants of the War (landmines).

Award Information

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship 2019

Sociology and Social AnthropologyUniversity of the Free State

Posthuman Security and Landmines: Gendered Meaning-making and Materialities in the North-Eastern Border Area of Zimbabwe